Metal Recycling Clear Lake & League City

Holmes Road Recycling is a family owned business. We have been recycling scrap metal for over 57 years. We offer a variety of ways to meet your recycling needs. We can provide containers at your construction site to fill with your scrap metal, send a scrap metal professional to your facility to evaluate and quote pricing on your scrap metal, send a flat bed truck to gather all your metal scraps or you can drop your scrap metal off to us. Whether a small company or large, Holmes Road Recycling can handle all your scrap metal needs. For more information on various types of scrap metal recycling products call (713) 799-9960 or stop by 2820 Holmes Road, Houston, TX.

Industrial Metal Recycling Clear Lake & League City

If you are a company in need of Industrial Metal Recycling, Holmes Road Recycling is here to help. Whether you are a big company or small, we will take care of your metal products. We offer several options for handling your scrap metal needs.  One way is for us to place a Roll off Box at your location to be filled with your scrap metal and once you have it full we will pick the box up and process the scrap metal for you. Another option would be for us to send a flat bed truck to your location to gather all your scrap metal for recycling and lastly, we offer sending a professional scrap metal specialist to your facility to assess your specific needs and give you an estimate with logistics on removal. Call today for your free quote. (713) 799-9960.

Scrap Metal Recycling Clear Lake & League City

Do you have a lot of scrap metal you need to get rid of? If so, Holmes Road Recycling can take it off your hands. We accept copper wires, AC reefer, insulated copper wire, mufflers, stainless steel, iron and much more. For a family owned recycling center with owners on site come by or call Holmes Road Recycling center for all your metal recycling needs. Our scale is stated certified and viewable to the customer’s eye. (713) 799-9960, 2820 Holmes Road, Houston, TX.