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Our Houston recycling center can accept some scrap items on a conditional basis, including auto recycling, appliance recycling, transformer recycling, closed or open top drum recycling, battery recycling, bullet lead recycling, and propane cylinder recycling. These items can be recycled only after they meet the following guidelines:

Provisional Scrap Items Conditions for Acceptance
Automobiles Must have certification that CFCs have been properly removed.

Must have access to trunks and passengers compartments to inspect for unacceptable items.

Must have Title, Derelict Title Application.

Seller of vehicle must be present.

No more than 4 mounted tires per vehicle accepted without deduction.

Appliances Must have fluid filled capacitors removed. Freon MUST be removed.
Transformers Must be drained and have a letter verifying no PCBs are present.
Propane Cylinders (under 100 gal) Must be de-valved and segregated from other scrap supply.
Compressed Gas Cylinders Must be de-valved and have an additional hole in the tank.
Aerosol Cans Must be empty (no pressure and no liquids).
Closed Top Drums Drum must have no free liquids and have 6” diameter hole to allow for inspection.
Open Top Drums Drum must be free of liquids or sludge
Bullet Lead, Lead Plate, Lead Acid Batteries These items are only purchased at the non-ferrous department scale.
Turnings, Borings, Motor Blocks & Oily Scrap These items are only accepted when unloaded directly into the designated area.
Above Ground & Underground Storage Tanks Tanks must have 6” hole, have no liquids or sludge and have no combustible vapors.