Holmes Road Recycling is Houston’s choice for Industrial Metal Recycling. We have several options for Industrial scrap metal removal and demolition services.

How our Industrial Metal Recycling Service works:

We provide a Roll-Off box at your location that can be filled with various types of scrap metals. Once the Roll-Off box is full, we will come pick up the box, take the scrap metal to our recycling center to be processed, and return the box to you.

We also offer flat bed trucks for hauling off industrial scrap metal to be recycled.

We can send one of our recycling professionals to your facility to assess you specific needs, give you an estimate on what the materials are worth, and set up all removal and shipping logistics that are needed.

To set up a free consultation, please contact Holmes Road Recycling today at (713) 799-9960. We look forward to assisting you with your Industrial Recycling project.